NFL Combine 2013: Alec Ogletree Hopes to Change Minds After DUI Misstep

Alec Ogletree was recently arrested for a DUI, but could make amends for his actions by performing well at the NFL Combine this weekend. Photo: Online Athens

After Alec Ogletree made the mistake of being cited for a DUI, some feel his draft stock has taken a significant hit that could end up costing him first-round status in the draft come April. And, while I wholly disagree with that opinion (Ogletree is still nothing short of a potential beast at linebacker and most teams will be hard-pressed to overlook that fact), it’s also pretty clear that how Ogletree performs at this week’s NFL Combine will go a long way  towards cementing his status for April—assuming he doesn’t get into any more trouble before then.

The good news for him is that if he has been getting into shape, and it was an isolated incident in which he made a mistake, he has the athleticism to wow people. That doesn’t make up for the mistake, but it will help. He’s the fastest true linebacker and covers more ground than any linebacker in this draft. But can he show that in workouts? (Todd McShay, ESPN)

It’s hard to know if Ogletree has been as diligent in his training as he should be, but I would wager a guess that he’s been doing a lot more in Arizona than having a few drinks, so I suspect he’ll be ready to prove he’s a bigger reward than risk once the cameras start rolling in Indianapolis.

That said, his job after that point will be to stay out of trouble and wait for the NFL to come calling and, if he performs well enough, I suspect he won’t have to wait for very long.

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