Moron of the Moment: Michael "Me’ Crabtree

It must be the week for wide receivers to act like idiots. Add Michael Crabtree, Crytree as some are beginning to call him, to the list.

The saga began simply enough; a rookie was holding out of camp until his contract was settled. No biggie. It’s been done by many rookies before him so no one likely paid the story much attention.

However, now we have a whole lot of jawing coming from the Crabtree camp about how he wants $23 million dollars in GUARANTEED monies….The hell you say?

At this point it has become painfully obvious that Michael Crabtree is a bad seed in an organization looking to make a fresh start. He definitely isn’t the type of player Mike Singletary likes to see on a team—the “me-first” guy who hasn’t done a thing to deserve the “respect” he is demanding.

The most comical part of the saga is Crabtree’s “threat” to re-enter the draft if he’s not given what he feels is his due.

If he or his advisor had any sense, they would realize that Crabtree wouldn’t improve his stock at all by doing so, in fact, it would diminish.

For one, other players of a greater caliber, with a potentially bigger impact, will enter the draft in 2010, among them: Sam Bradford, Colt McCoy, Dez Bryant, Russell Okung, Jevan Snead, Tim Tebow, Brandon Spikes, and Taylor Mays.

All could potentially have their name called in the first 15 picks. Most would go before Crabtree if they have the year that most expect.

Crabtree would be a fool to give up sure top ten money for late-round dollars.

Apparently, he isn’t able to see through his own fog of arrogant immaturity to realize that his position is replaceable. He’s not done anything to be indispensable. He’s not done anything to earn respect. All he has done is piss and moan about not getting his payday—the payday he feels the Raiders took from him by choosing DHB.

In the end, one thing is for certain, Crabtree is making himself less and less likable as a person and a player and if he’s not careful, he may get his wish—he won’t be playing for the Niners this season…..he may not be playing for anyone at all.

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