Mike Shanahan to Washington Redskins: I Won’t Be Party To A Sinking Ship

One thing is clear in Washington—the Jim Zorn era is over. Washington Redskins owner, Dan Snyder, has already tried to get ex-Denver Bronco Coach Mike Shanahan to take over this sinking 2-4 team; Shanahan is not willing to do so, stating: “there was little he could do in the middle of the season for them and that changing coaches during the season in the NFL rarely works”.

Can you blame him? The Skins look broken. All that money paid out to get the big free agents has amounted to a whole lot of nothing for the Skins—that’s par for the course for these Dan Snyder Skins‘.

Albert Haynesworth seems to spend more time on his knees, helmet in hand, than in his stance—anyone who is surprised by that should go back and look at the book on Haynesworth.

He had one truly stellar year in Tennessee and Dan Snyder pulled an Al Davis. He signed him based on what he thought he could do instead of what he has done. Haynesworth is lazy, undisciplined, and incapable of consistency.

$100 million paid to a guy that can’t guarantee you success is a whole lot of money down the drain.

Add to that the signing of the truly overrated cornerback, DeAngelo Hall, and you have a defense that looks good on paper but is actually just the pretty outside wrapping for a very cheap Christmas gift.

Rattle off their great defensive stats if you like, here’s the true measure of their “greatness”—the only team they have played worth their salt was the New York Giants. Period.

Detroit? Tampa Bay? Kansas City? Carolina? Train wrecks.

The Redskins should be 5-1 at best and sitting pretty in the NFC East. Yet they struggled mightily against all of the above and any defensive superiority exhibited wasn’t validation but rather expectation.

Even more depressing is the fact that the offense is so bad. Clearly they have no idea what they want to do on offense and even if they did, they appear to lack the personnel to get the job done—Jason Campbell is obviously holding a grudge after the Cutler fiasco.

That kid can’t seem to get his mind right long enough to be even a little bit consistent. He shows flashes of progress and then slips back into boring mediocrity. The Skins answer to that is to bench him for Todd Collins.


If I’m a Redskins fan, I’m calling for Jim Zorn AND Dan Snyder’s head.

No one is playing well for this team and it doesn’t look like any of those high-dollar players are interested in being there.

Blame the latter on the poor coaching done by Jim Zorn, the obvious tension between Jason Campbell and the rest of the Redskins management, the inexcusable lack of offense, etc…the bottom line is this: the Redskins have a bunch of individuals running around in football jerseys—not a team.

Dan Snyder should get the NFL equivalent of a Razzie award for his truly awful management of this storied franchise and Mike Shanahan should take a permanent pass on this team—it’s just too big of a mess to clean up.

As for Jim Zorn—just resign. The way the Redskins are handling you right now is so disrespectful—they bring in a “consultant” to call the plays?


How about they just fire you altogether since that is essentially what this move implies? That would be the right thing to do.

Or, here’s a better idea. How about they hire a management “consultant” as well since it’s clear that Dan Snyder has no idea what the heck he’s doing either.

Just a thought.

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