Marvin Lewis on OchoCinco: "He’s Being His Mopey Self"

Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Chad Ochocinco (85) talks with head coach Marvin Lewis during the second quarter of their game against the Indianapolis Colts at Lucas Oil Field in Indianapolis on November 14, 2010. UPI /Mark Cowan Photo via Newscom

You know, with a coach like Marvin Lewis, who needs enemies?

Reportedly when coach Lewis was asked about the recovery status of Chad OchoCinco, he had this to say, “Well, he’s being his mopey self. Hopefully, he can pull himself out of it and move forward … When things don’t go Chad’s way, that’s kinda how it happens.”

Uh huh, tell us how you really feel Marvin.

To further aggravate the situation, Lewis added the following when asked how he deals with such behavior from his other media-friendly receiver, “I don’t deal with it…we just move on. We’ll put a new guy in there. If he’s not ready to go Sunday, we’ll have somebody in there ready to go and go from there.”

Wow, coach, I didn’t realize you had so many grand options at that position—especially considering your other head-case, wait, I mean playmaker is out for the year.

Mr. Lewis might need to learn how to be a touch more diplomatic when discussing his players. It’s a trait that could serve him well when he searching for his next job—which could be soon.

As for how OchoCinco feels about this, well, he did say something about being thrown under the bus.

Things are getting hot in Cincy. Looks like there’s still plenty of drama left for No. 85.

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