Mark Richt: "We Didn’t Win The Fourth Quarter"

During a Thursday presser, some of which can be heard here via ($$$), Mark Richt discussed a few of the things that went wrong with the team last season, and what he feels needs to happen to not see a repeat of it again in 2011. Said Richt,

“…we all gotta be pulling in the same direction, and we all gotta be believing, and we all gotta get better at doing the things that will help us win the fourth quarter, really. I mean it’s…we gotta, we have to finish well,  ya know? I think that’s the main thing that we did not do. Six out of seven games I believe we were within a touchdown in the fourth quarter…and we didn’t win the fourth quarter. That was our biggest problem—really.”

In short, finish the drill.

There were many things that went into Georgia’s inability to finish well in 2010—hopefully most of that will be remedied with the institution of a new strength program—but the attitudes on and off the field were in need of tweaking as well. There were too many alpha dogs trying to mark their territory, in my opinion, and that made for a team that didn’t have the type of continuity or effort that we would have liked to see late in games last season.

All signs this off-season point to a team with a renewed interest in playing football for Georgia—not just at Georgia—and if that ends up being the truth, 6-7 will be a footnote for Mark Richt and not just the kink in the chain that led to his departure.

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