Mark Richt: The Florida Game is "A Big Deal…A Big Game"

You don’t have to follow the Georgia Bulldogs too closely to know they haven’t fared well in Jacksonville over the last 20-years but, for some reason, many are betting that this season is the one where that trend begins to change. Personally, I’m not willing to concede anything just yet as I’ve seen enough losses to not get too comfortable when people start assuming this team or that one is better—
“better” has hardly made the difference in the outcome where Georgia is concerned—remember 2002?

That said, you can bet coach Richt understands what’s at stake here and he’s not about to take this team lightly, no matter their record or their coach.

Even more, you could make a strong argument that there are many who feel the security of Richt’s job rests on how his team finishes the season and—more to the point—whether or not they can beat both Florida and Auburn and not get tripped up by Kentucky.

The fact that they are back in the Top 25 again is an encouraging start, but the Florida game has always been circled by a significant faction of the fan base as the one that will truly redeem Mark Richt and, perhaps, re-install some faith that he can lead this team back to being contenders on a national level.

A whole lot is riding on this one for Georgia, folks, it’s definitely a “big deal”.

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