Marc Bulger Will Steal Money From A New NFL Team—Nice Job, Ravens

I saw this tweet from ESPN’s Adam Schefter early yesterday evening:

“Veteran quarterback Marc Bulger will give the Ravens the backup they need just in case Joe Flacco gets hurt.”

After I finished laughing, I decided to see if Mr. Schefter was joking. Of course, he was not, and Marc Bulger is the newest “backup” quarterback for the Baltimore Ravens. His fee for 1-year of service will be $3.8 million.

The first question I’m asking every Ravens fan first is why?  On the real, have the Ravens seen Bulger play football in the last two-years? I have and, let me tell you, it has not been impressive.

His 24 starts between 2008-09, netted the exactly 3 wins for the Rams. Even better, he didn’t come close to the passing numbers he put up in 2006—his lone Pro Bowl season.

Are the Ravens that disheartened by what they have seen from John Beck and Troy Smith that they actually believe that Marc Bulger is a good stop-gap for them if Joe Flacco gets hurt? If that is the case, either one or the both of those guys needs to contact his agent immediately because someone is getting a pink slip very soon—Troy, are you listening? 

Marc Bulger is about as much of an answer for the Ravens as Jake Delhomme is for the Browns. Both have gotten by on too little for too long and the very idea that Bulger is getting paid a ridiculous sum of money to go and stink up another NFL city—this time a good one—is mind-boggling.

The dude has three winning seasons in eight years as a starter—if you omit his 6-1 record from 2002, he has two winning seasons—he’s terrible!

You can try to blame his mediocrity on the Ram’s poor offensive line, an injured Steven Jackson, bad coaching, or a total lack of options at wide receiver—do your best—but the truth is he’s just not good. Bulger’s 15-minutes passed a long time ago and the only thing he needs to be manning is a fruit stand—not a football field.

Some might say that he has performed well against AFC opponents—despite his poor NFC record over the last three years. That’s somewhat true, he has a 4-2 record against AFC North opposition. However, he’s 1-6 versus the East, 1-3 versus the South, and 4-2 versus the West—a total record of 10-13. Last I checked, a sub .500 record gets you nowhere. So….tell me again why this is a good call?

I realize Bulger is “just a backup” but, think about it again, why on earth would you pay a guy that much to ride pine with your other mid-ling backups? Bulger looks like a potential nightmare, masquerading as insurance, for a quarterback who has never missed a start.

The Ravens have perplexed my simple mind with this decision. I just don’t see where it makes any sense at all—enlighten me if you do.

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