Louisville’s Sheldon Rankin Expects Grantham to Dig Deep for Bowl Matchup

Todd Grantham and Mike Bobo hardly seemed like two peas in a pod when Grantham was at Georgia. Photo: 247Sports

I don’t know if you would call me naive, skeptical, or just misinformed, but I’m not buying too much stock in the whole “Grantham’s Ready for Revenge” angle. I mean, I’m sure he wants to make sure his new employers are able to feel even more confidence about their $5 million—guaranteed—hire, but the whole notion that Georgia ran its former defensive coordinator out of Athens on a rail, and he’s mad as hell about it, is just a lame story to me.

Again…call it naivete.

Even so, every meaningless bowl game needs an angle—and this one fit—so why not right? You have to admit it does sound like great click-bait: Georgia’s much maligned defensive guru leaves town for more money and a chance to hire his kinfolk, does well with his new team (even managing to steal a couple of his former recruits in the process), and now has the chance to come back and make mincemeat of the team that “did him wrong”.

I’ll tell you this much, if a former employer put me in position to make a significant amount of money, I wouldn’t be holding too much of a grudge—but that’s just me.

If nothing else, my guess is Georgia’s Mike Bobo should be very motivated because—whether real or imagined—there was an obvious tension, at times, between the current Georgia offensive coordinator and Louisville’s Grantham; the two never really seemed to be on the same page (Bobo loved a quick scoring, fast-moving, offense and Grantham preferred something that didn’t have his front seven sucking wind by halftime), and you always felt like the two of them were two shakes from hitting each other with a pool noodle.

One thing is certain, if Grantham plans to dig deep into “his bag of tricks” for this game, as Rankin says, I certainly hope Bobo has a few tricks of his own planned as well.

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