Lou Holtz Has Again Reminded Us Why We Dislike The Irish Way

I’m convinced that Lou Holtz is secretly being paid by the administration at Notre Dame. How else can you explain the constant love parade he rains down on them at every possible turn? If he’s not proclaiming the next national champion—despite all the good sense that tells him not to—then he’s prophesying doom and gloom for them if they join hands with another conference.

Here is the latest, in regards to the latter, Holtz feels: “Notre Dame’s inclusion to the Big Ten could lead to a nationwide domino effect, affecting not only the school’s long-cherished college football tradition but also the economic standing of other conferences”…..okay, what?

That statement could be taken only one of two ways: either Holtz feels Notre Dame is so powerful as a university that their inclusion into the Big Ten would essentially screw the revenue stream for the rest of the conference’s participants.

Or, he thinks they are too good to be associated with any team whatsoever and shouldn’t jeopardize their respected standing by becoming part of an overall brand.

Either way, the statement seems a bit like: “Crazy Lou escaped from the world of pure imagination”. My regards to Willy Wonka and his Chocolate Factory. 

Here’s my smallish, unbiased, completely unsolicited opinion: No one cares that much about Notre Dame.  Frankly, this ridiculous air of Irish superiority—fostered in large part by NBC’s special television contract—makes the Irish feel like they have the power to make or break a conference simply by joining or not.

It’s just the sort of arrogance that makes the team annoying to those of us who don’t remember when Joe Montana played quarterback and don’t give a hoot about The Four Horsemen, the Gipper, or Rudy.

Lou Holtz needs to stop wearing his loyalty on his sleeve—he’s supposed to be an objective party, is he not—because he’s losing what little credibility he has an analyst and all the importance he has as a go-to person for college football in general.

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