Let’s Be Blount: Tampa Bay Coach, Raheem Morris, Can’t Blame Sunday’s Loss on His Radio

This is just comical: Tampa Bay Buccaneers coach, Raheem Morris, is making a thinly-veiled attempt at blaming his team’s loss on Sunday to radio problems.

Tampa Bay beat writer, Rick Stroud, posted this message, via his Twitter account, on Monday afternoon:

Really, Raheem? That’s your best excuse for losing the game? Come on, man. We all know that you believe you’re the coach of the “best team in the NFC”,  but that doesn’t mean they won’t get beat every now and then, does it?

Even more, you still had another opportunity to win the game, or at least take over the lead, on 4th down when you decided to run LeGarrette Blount. Did the Falcons brass also ensure that an invisible force field dropped down from the Georgia Dome’s rafters to stop his progress as well?

Hmm, let’s take a look and see:

No…nothing to see there—except a Falcons defense that managed to hold.

Just tip your hat to the Falcons, Raheem. Your guys played tough, but they lost this one and, radio malfunction or not, you had every opportunity to win the game on Sunday.

So, take your lumps and move on—don’t offer excuses.

You lost. They won. End of story.

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