Joe Montana to Daniel Ruettiger: You Really Weren’t That Special, Dude

Joe Montana, the current NFL Hall of Famer, and former Notre Dame great, has decided to take a gigantic crap on one of the most storied tales in college football lore: the story of Daniel ‘Rudy’ Ruettiger.

We all recall the movie, right? The one where the undersized, moderately talented, blue-collar kid from Indiana works his tail off to fulfill his lifelong dream of playing for the Notre Dame Fighting Irish.

The movie, Rudy, etched this story into the mindset of just about every college football fan in America because of the message the movie promoted: if you work hard enough, sometimes dreams really do come true. The most lasting image from the film was that of the entire Notre Dame football team carrying Rudy off the field—the act brought tears to the eyes (admit it, you cried a little, too).

Well, now the great Joe Montana is saying: Not so fast, my friend.

According to Montana, no one was chanting the diminutive players name, and that whole “carrying him off the field” thing, that really wasn’t as heartfelt an act as it appeared—the team was just “playing around”said Montana.

After reading this story, the one question that comes to mind is this: why is Montana trying to corrupt the treasured memory of a beloved Notre Dame football player—one he, admittedly, played alongside? Surely he realizes that this won’t fare well with some of his fellow teammates or Irish alum who consider the story of Rudy to be an inspiration—one likened, in some respects, to that of George Gip (the tragic figure behind Knute Rockne’s famed “win one for the Gipper…” speech).

Gip also was immortalized on film by the late  Ronald Reagan (yes, that Ronald Reagan) in Knute Rockne: All American (1940):

But back to Joe, why is he so salty?

I mean, honestly, those of us who could care less about the validity of the “Rudy” story don’t see the point of tearing down the message—just because you can. It seems a little bitter and ill-timed by Montana. Perhaps he’s mad that the story of Rudy has usurped the story of Joe?…Just saying.

Did the crowd chant, Rudy! Rudy! Rudy!…not likely, but, who cares? (see video of actual sack by Ruettiger, against Georgia Tech, below):

Joe needs to just do what he does best these days: pitch sneakers and weight-loss products; don’t turn into the bitter, old, washed-up, football player—that’s not a good look.

Shape up, Joe.

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