Jeremiah Masoli: No Park And Rec For Me, I’m Going To The NFL

Photo Credit: BRUCE NEWMAN, Oxford Eagle

According to Kyle Veazey, of the Clarion-Ledger, Jeremiah Masoli is exiting stage left on his career at Ole Miss in order to devote more time to training for the NFL. And, unless you live in the land of make-believe, you are hardly surprised by his decision to do so—after all, who would turn down a shot at millions just to work as a park ranger (Masoli was pursuing a masters degree in parks and rec)?

No offense to the park rangers of the world, of course, appreciate all you do.

However, his decision will seem rather curious to the many who actually believed Masoli’s transfer to Ole Miss was about “starting over”. I mean, Ole Miss offered the chance for him to study something that Oregon simply did not offer. He had no choice but to request a transfer waiver so that he could do what he needed to do—academically—right? The whole playing football thing was secondary to his pursuit of academics.


While that’s a charming story, few actually believed that story back then, and they certainly will feel resolved in not having done so in light of his decision to bail out now. 

According to Masoli’s website, he still intends to complete his studies at some point, but right now his focus is on training.

Again, no one can fault Masoli for wanting to see what the NFL has to offer, but if you truly believe that he has any intention of returning to Ole Miss to complete his studies, well, I have a sunny piece of property at the North Pole I’d like to sell you.

Looking forward to seeing how this next chapter plays out for the embattled quarterback and even more curious to see what Houston Nutt will do next season.

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