Jay Cutler Looks To Prove He’s The Better Man

In a recent article, Cutler is quoted as saying about McDaniels, “He’s going to be a good coach” and “..Just the brief amount of time I was able to spend with him, he’s impressive..”—really, Jay? if that was the case, why the rush to get out of Denver?

Why the sideways diss of the Bronco fans? Why the, obviously, annoyed response whenever anything “Denver” arises in a conversation?

The fact of the matter is Jay likely still holds a lot of ill will towards Coach McDaniels and the way things played out in the Mile High City.

When the two meet in this Sunday’s preseason game, expect to see some tension on the sideline and a little posturing by both Jay and Josh to show who really lost out in the deal that sent Jay to Chicago.

I would be surprised to see anything less than animosity and seering hatred between the two at this point. After all, Jay did feel like he was unappreciated by the team and Josh didn’t take too kindly to Jay’s handling of the situation.

No, it won’t be a pretty return for Jay in Denver. The fans hate him and would not feel at all bad if he fell flat on his face Sunday—even if it is just a preseason game.

Further, for all the talk about Cutler’s return, the bigger question will be how Kyle Orton responds when he faces the team that jilted him; he’s gotta be carrying a bit of a chip on his shoulder as well.

The way I see it, all of these guys have a little something to prove and none of them want to be on the losing end.

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