It’s Official: The Dallas Cowboys Are The Worst Team In The NFC

Before anyone thinks to step in and correct the title of this post, please understand that it was written with full knowledge that the Carolina Panthers are equally as awful. That said, the Panthers have an excuse for their suckage. The Cowboys do not—they are just a bad football team playing bad football—period.

If you’re a Cowboys fan, it has to be painful to watch your team sputter and freefall through a season that was supposed to be so full of championship promise.

Your quarterback was supposed to be better than ever, you thought you had talent galore in the running game, and, for once, there was plenty of promise at wide receiver with an emerging Miles Austin and a talented Dez Bryant.

Well, somewhere along the way, that promise went to hell as the team has under-performed and played like a bunch of guys with no idea what the heck a football field, a football, or a touchdown looks like. Their offense, with or without Romo, is deplorable.

Their defense is a joke—seemingly falling apart after week three and, honestly, showing little sign of returning the remainder of the season.

So, the questions that people need to start asking are 1) when will Wade Phillips be fired?

Obviously, the guy has reached his ceiling for what he can do in Dallas. He has never been a next-level kind of coach and it’s mind-boggling that his mediocrity has kept him employed this long.  Question 2)
when will Jerry Jones hire a real GM?

Let’s be honest, it was Jones’ decision to bring the oft-injured Felix Jones and the ineffective Marion Barber to the Cowboys in the first place. Not to mention, Roy Williams…why?

Jones mojo might have been good four seasons ago, but it’s time he relinquish his draft rights to someone more qualified to handle their importance—especially since it looks like Dallas could be in the running for the No. 1 overall pick this spring.

More seriously, though, you have to wonder how Jones will pay for that billion dollar stadium in Dallas now that his team has no value to the average fan. Who wants to spend their hard-earned money to see a bunch of overpaid athletes quit on a weekly basis—pass on that one.

You want a true testament to how bad this team is…at the time of this posting, they have exactly 87 yards of offense…through three quarters!


America’s Team?…not right now they aren’t.

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