It Seems Like Everyone, Except The Denver Broncos, Has Signed Tim Tebow

I’m perplexed. No, really, I am.

The Denver Broncos, their fans, and players have done nothing but glow about Tim Tebow. As a matter of fact, the team has been absolutely over-the-moon about their 2010 NFL Draft selection—the guy they traded away three draft picks to be able to move up and snag him at No. 25.

Coach Josh McDaniels has been overwhelmingly optimistic about what Tebow will add to the Bronco’s offense and, quite frankly, despite the fact that Tebow has never played a down of pro football, you have to get the sense that as a first-round selection, he will not be warming the bench in Denver for long.

He’ll play this season. Bet on it. He will find his way onto the field in 2010 and, if he performs well, say goodbye to Kyle Orton in 2011. They love Tebow that much in Denver—even former quarterback, John Elway, has spoken of how impressed  he is with the demeanor of the ex-Florida quarterback.

Nike gave him his own shoe—decked in the orange and blue he so adored as a Gator. EA Sports made him the cover athlete for their 2011 NCAA Football game. Even the underwear giant, Jockey, signed him to a lucrative sponsorship deal to model their signature undergarments.

I say all of that, to say this, why haven’t the Denver Broncos signed their prized player yet? Everyone else has, what on earth could be their hold up?

Could it be that the Broncos don’t want to end up overpaying him based on his obvious popularity?

I mean, Tebow may become one of the NFL’s most recognizable faces but, the truth of the matter is, he likely never should have been selected in the first-round. His selection at 25 was surprising to the many analysts and experts who thought he was better served as a late-second or early-third round player.
Their critique of him was not based on his personality but on his overall potential as a quarterback in the league.

He may prove many wrong by the time it’s all said and done, but, what he’s entitled to is a contract that guarantees him $8 million—nothing more. Will his handlers try and angle for more?

Tebow has already made it clear that he does not wish to hold out and the Denver Broncos are set to start camp tomorrow—you do the math. By all accounts, this should be a done deal by Wednesday. If it’s not, I would be greatly surprised.

However, if for some reason he isn’t able to get there by then, he could always kill some time by doing another autograph session. I hear those have been pretty popular for him.

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