I Like That Detroit QB, Matt Stafford, He’s Got Swagger

I must admit, every time I see Matthew Stafford throw the football, tis’ a thing of beauty. Then I remember I had the opportunity to watch him do that as a Georgia Bulldog and I just have to smile—if only momentarily. It’s also still a funny dose of irony, I must say, to watch him playing in the NFL with Calvin Johnson as his primary target (a former Georgia Tech star)—never saw that combination coming.

Anyway, Stafford gives great chatter during games and he’s been Mic’ed up a time or two already this season. So I thought it might be fun to see him in action again during a 48-3 Lions victory (they’re 3-0 by the way).

He’s definitely feeling good in that No. 9 right now, don’t you think? I love to see that kind of confidence in a quarterback and Stafford is a guy who seems to know he’s money. He’ll get a real test of his dollars worth in Dallas this weekend. Can he steal away a Texas-sized win from his home state? I certainly think he can.

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