Herschel Walker: In 1980, "We Didn’t Think We Could Lose"

I found this great video with Herschel Walker talking about the mentality that he, and the whole 1980 National Championship team, kept during their undefeated season. He makes the point that if everyone is on “one page”, then you will have a team that is tough to beat.

Considering the various disappointments from last season, it seems safe to say that the 2010 team was definitely not on one accord.

If nothing else, coach Richt has to get his team back to feeling like it can win on Saturday—against any opponent. They need to get their confidence back, on defense and offense because, otherwise it will be tough to best the poor 6-7 record of last year.

Perhaps Herschel needs to come in and give a pep talk. He’s already expressed a willingness to help the program in any way that he, legally, can. So, I say bring No. 34 into the weight room, throw him out there on the field with some pads on, and let these kids see what a true athlete looks like.

I have no doubt that Herschel could still run a few people over right now.

Here’s the clip,

(h/t jwhat01)

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