Has The Red River Rivalry Lost Its Luster?—The Lady’s Friday Links (10/1)

There isn’t going to be a match-up between Colt McCoy and Sam Bradford (there barely was one to speak of last season). The days of Adrian Peterson and Ricky Williams have gone to the wayside. Vince Young ran his way into the record books and out of Austin, what seems like, an eon ago. What you have left are two teams with marginal stars and questionable marketing appeal—unless you live in Norman or Austin. So, it seems valid to ask the question: Is the 2010 version of the Red River Rivalry really all that big of a deal?

Appalachian State University is thinking about leaving the FCS for the FBS ranks. Apparently, after beating Michigan a few years back, and running all over the teams in their own league, they feel pretty good about their chances of being successful. Good for them. That said, the last legitimate FBS team they faced was LSU in 2008—that didn’t exactly go well (41-13).

Trey Burton had one very big game against the Kentucky Wildcats and, already, people are comparing him to No. 15 (former Gator QB, Tim Tebow). Easy media hounds, this kid hasn’t proven anything yet—except that he can run it in against a mediocre SEC defense. Give him some time to do something bigger before you go raising that pedestal to unreachable heights.

The Big Ten is done expanding…unless Notre Dame comes calling, then they might be open to changing that stance.

That move that Boise State made to become a part of the Mountain West is looking more and more like a moot point. Utah already exited to the Pac-10, BYU is looking for it’s indepence, and now TCU is considering jumping to the Big East—hmmm, seems to me, Boise should have just stayed where it was—the Mountain West is looking more and more like the WAC to me.

Ole Miss will play South Alabama in 2017…wow, talk about your compelling match-ups.  Of course, the way Ole Miss is trending, SOuth Alabama could actually be the better team by that time—just saying.

At 4-0 now, some national media are starting to jump on the NC State bandwagon. That likely means they will now fold like a house of cards and become irrelevant by Monday—starting with a loss to
Virginia Tech on Saturday. Hope not, but, this is certainly not a good sign.

Is it time to place a cap on bowl invitations?

Are the Florida Gators bait for or baiting the Alabama Crimson Tide this week?

Coach Mark Richt has ties to Colorado.

Cool video of the week:

This is a little outside of the sports realm, but, my brother is trying his hand at film making. The video below is the third in a web series he created, along with a buddy, called “The Idea Men”. Give it a look, and, if you like what you see, check out the first two eps at their YouTube site—BasementBoysPictures

Okay, that’s my shameless plug for the week 🙂

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