Georgia WR Marlon Brown Still Has His Share of Doubters

Twitter is a fun place to be late at night—when most people have likely decided to engage in other more interesting activities—and this past Friday evening was no exception.

Noted Atlanta Journal-Constitution recruitnik, Michael Carvell, had this to tweet about Marlon Brown, the former five-star standout for Harding Academy in Memphis, TN:

While I don’t share Mr. Carvell’s insomnia over Brown’s former recruiting rank—personally the stars don’t mean a whole lot in most cases, because the pudding is proved on the field—I do admit to having a slight obsession with how insignificant a role he has played since he’s been at Georgia. As a matter of fact, he’s graced the thoughts and pages of this blog on several occasions (see link below) for that very reason and he’s been a subject of fierce debate as to whether or not he will ever live up to the hype or promise he displayed in high school.

Brown isn’t lacking in self-confidence where his skills are concerned, but putting his money where his mouth is will be the ultimate goal this season. As a junior, he’s already being lauded as a potential No. 2 option playing opposite Tavarres King (who is set to step into the role left vacant by A.J. Green), but redshirt freshman, Michael Bennett, has received every bit the praise and accolades for his ‘Kris Durham like’ hands and ‘A.J. Green like’ flexibility so who’s to say how things will turn out?

If anything, I find that I am more intrigued about Bennett’s potential than Brown’s—but that’s just me.

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