Georgia Reruiting: 2016 Mecole Hardman, “I don’t want to rush anything”


Mecole Hardman has Georgia and Tennessee atop his list, but he’s not done looking yet. Photo: Scout

The Georgia Bulldogs have their eye on 2016 ATH Mecole Hardman (Elberton, GA). The versatile athlete out of Elberton County Comprehensive High School can see a future playing in the red and black, but he’s hardly willing to rush into a decision and make his choice known to the world—just yet.

“I’ve come close to committing a lot of times,” Hardman said. “I’ve really been thinking about going ahead and committing and getting it out of the way. I’ve had thoughts about it, but I think I’m going to keep it solid until signing day. On signing day, the school will know. I’m going to do a silent commit within the next couple of months, and keep it under wraps. I’ll announce on signing day. I don’t want to rush anything.” (Jake Reuse, UGASports)

There’s a reason for him to be so coy at this stage, he’s got more than one school in hot pursuit (Tennessee) and plenty others he’d like to get to know a bit better (Clemson and Auburn), but Georgia continues to be a school he loves the vibes from and one of the reasons for that is their message to him: we plan to get the ball in your hands as much as possible.

It’s a message Hardman likes hearing and its a possibility that he certainly has the skills to fulfill.

At 5’11, 170, Hardman is not known for his physical prowess, but he can run like the proverbial wind on the football field. He’s a playmaker on both sides of the football—showing his prowess at QB, WR, and CB—and uses his tight flight speed to make something happen no matter where he is on the football field. He’s a natural with the ball in his hands and has excellent vision; he sees the field and knows how to use his quickness to bust through the traffic and find daylight. And if he get’s past the first level, it’s bye-bye birdie because not a sole (pun intended) is gonna be able to catch up to him.

If there is a downside, it’s that he’s been used so diversely, he hasn’t been given the opportunity to truly grasp and master any one position. No matter where he signs, that will be a consideration as you do not want to see his talents wasted.

As for now, the Bulldogs will be happy to simply stay on his mind. It’s a long battle ahead, and there will be plenty of other programs to fight off.

One of the reasons Georgia and Tennessee are ahead of everyone is because I’ve visited them so many times. I feel more and more comfortable on every visit that I go on, and that’s why they’re ahead. I have to get out and see more schools and see how I like them compared to Georgia and Tennessee.” (Jake Reuse, UGASports)

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