Georgia Releases Post-Spring Depth Chart With Few Surprises

The official post-spring depth chart has been released and, as expected, Aaron Murray is listed as the No. 1 quarterback. No one is likely to be surprised by this turn of events since the departure of Zach Mettenberger has all but guaranteed Aaron Murray would be the undisputed starter.

For those who wonder what the chart might have looked like before the Mettenberger suspension, it would have looked exactly the same. Murray would have been listed as No. 1, followed by Logan Gray at No. 2, with Mettenberger filling out the position at No. 3. The reason for this is simple enough, Mettenberger was guaranteed at least a one game suspension even before the dismissal.

Now, at least until the arrival of Hutson Mason, Georgia Bulldog fans can debate over the legitimacy of the No. 1 quarterback. However, for the record, I feel the right decision has been made and I am ready to see what Murray will do in the fall.

Running Back

Washaun Ealey is the No. 1 running back but Caleb King is not listed anywhere on the depth chart. This is likely because of his limited spring participation due to an injured knee. He missed the final four practices of spring and was held out of the G-Day game as a precaution.

Carlton Thomas and Dontavius Jackson round out the No. 2 an 3 spots, respectively. Both had strong performances this spring and figure to be an important part of the offense going forward—particularly Jackson who has the size and skills to be a good compliment to either King or Ealey.

Wide Receiver

It should be no surprise that A.J. Green is still No. 8 on the field and No. 1 on the chart. The main competition here was for the No. 2 spot and, at least for now, Tavarres King has won that spot.

This is slightly curious as I felt that Rantavious Wooten came on strong in practices after being inconsistent in the early going. Wooten is listed behind Green and the impressive performance of Kris Durham in the G-Day game has given him a leg up on both Marlon Brown and Israel Troupe—both of whom suffered with injuries this spring.

Defensive Back

The hard work of Vance Cuff has translated into a starting slot—at least for now—as he will play alongside Brandon Boykin. Branden Smith is No. 2 on the chart, behind Boykin, and that alignment could remain throughout fall practice as well.

It was never really certain where Smith would be listed after he was properly evaluated by coach Lakatos, but it was always understood that Smith was a stronger offensive player than a defensive one. That said, his ability as a playmaker is undeniable and it is highly unlikely that he doesn’t find his way onto the field in other capacities this season.


As expected, DeAngelo Tyson is the starting nose in the new 3-4 alignment with Kwame Geathers backing him up. This spot is only two-deep at the moment but with the arrival of both Garrison Smith and Mike Thornton in the fall, that will most likely change. Either of the two are capable of playing at that spot and Thornton, in particular, was signed to do so.

The chart lists few surprises and you can find it in its complete form at the following link

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