Georgia Recruiting: Why Richt Says a New ‘Recruiting Coordinator’ May Not Be in the Cards

RB coach Bryan McClendon has become one of the better recruiters on Georgia’s staff over the last couple seasons. Photo: 247Sports

After the loss of Rodney Garner, it was presumed that Georgia would hire a defensive line coach as well as select another of the assistant coaches to take over the role of recruiting coordinator—Bryan McClendon (running backs coach) and John Lilly (tight ends coach) were both rumored to be potential candidates.

However, at yesterday’s year-end press conference, Richt stated that there may not be another recruiting coordinator named at Georgia—at least not anytime soon.

“First of all, there’s no rule that says we have to name a recruiting coordinator, as far as one of our nine full time coaches, plus when Daryl (Jones) came in there are a lot of things that are done in-house that are administrative things that a recruiting coordinator would be in charge of. The burden of that, Rodney was getting ? it was just too much for a guy to coach ball, recruit and be the recruiting coordinator in the true sense of the word where he was doing everything. There are some things done organizationally that doesn’t have to be by an on-the-field coach, plus all coaches recruit. I just expect everybody to be on top of it, to know their areas, to know their positions and with the help that Daryl, Connie (Connelly, the rest of our staff ) Ben (Brandenburg), Thomas (Guerry), we’ve got a group of people who do a lot of things that are recruiting related where we may not have to name a guy to be recruiting coordinator. I’m not sure that we will.” (Anthony Dasher,

Here’s the thing, I don’t know what Rodney Garner was actually responsible for doing by the time his tenure at Georgia was over, but the whispering walls of message boards and rumor mills would suggest that much of his responsibility fell into the lap of Daryl Jones this past season.

Jones, hired late last spring, is the Director of On-Campus Recruiting (by title) for Georgia, but it is understood by most that he is involved in many of the aforementioned “organizational” aspects of recruiting coach Richt spoke of in the above response.

That said, Georgia now has a very fluid system in place for not only finding in-state talent, but contacting and getting into the game on it earlier than they have in the past; perhaps that’s why Garner’s departure didn’t set off as many alarm bells as many believed it would; couple that departure with the rise of Bryan McClendon as one of the best recruiters in the state (particularly in the metro Atlanta area) and you have a situation at Georgia where, at least from an evaluation and relationship-building standpoint, things look stable.

Does that mean no one will ever be given the title? No, but perhaps the money saved in not assigning the title to someone sles leaves a little more money on the table for another coach to get a few dollars more added to his paycheck (*hint, hint*…Mike Bobo).

Just saying.

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