Georgia Recruiting: What are the Bulldogs Getting in new WR Commit Shakenneth Williams?

Shakenneth Williams always wanted to be a Georgia Bulldog, but what are the Dawgs getting in Willams? Photo: redandblack

When Shakenneth Williams offered his commitment to the Georgia Bulldogs on Friday afternoon, not too many batted an eye; the reason for that was probably due to the fact that a fair majority of those who follow recruiting regularly have seen a lot more print on Tennessee’s Josh Malone than Georgia’s Williams. Plain and simple. He was virtually unknown by many until this past spring when he began tearing it up in camps—starting with the Atlanta Nike Football Training Camp (NFTC) in June.

At the NFTC Williams not only showcased his athleticism, completing a 34.9 vertical jump and running 4.47 40, but performed well all-around, opening the eyes of many a scout in attendance. A good showing at the Mark Richt Camp (in June) would follow and would result in his gaining the one offer that would make all the others null and void; it was clear Williams wanted to remain in-state and all that was left for him to do was make it official—he finally did so at Dawg Night.

The 6’1, 196-pound, Williams is just a good player with the football in his hands. Whether he’s going up for a ball in traffic, receiving it in a Wildcat formation, or acting as a running back, he makes good decisions with the ball in his hands. He may not be the most explosive off the line, but he’s got great technique in man-to-man situations and know how to get the separation he needs to get off the line and  make the play. Furthermore, he’s a physical player. He’s not afraid to take a hit or administer one—just tough, gritty, and determined to make yards happen.

Even more, that aforementioned vertical makes him beastly where making the big-time catch is concerned. He’s going to win more than his fair share of jump balls at the next level and I have zero doubt that his versatility as a ball-handler will come in handy in the future.

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3 comments for “Georgia Recruiting: What are the Bulldogs Getting in new WR Commit Shakenneth Williams?

  1. Jim Mercer
    07/15/2013 at 5:10 PM

    <u pm;u qiestopms. govem the paucity of info on him is: is he a good route runner? Is he able to separate in traffic? What is his work ethic as detailed by his coach? Is he a good student?…very coachable? What is McClenndon's take on him?

    • 07/15/2013 at 6:06 PM

      Okay, I can answer just about all of those for you: yes, he is a good route-runner. His route-running skills are one of the things that most impressed coaches about him. He is able to separate in traffic thanks to his adeptness at using his hands during man coverage; he’s not a speedster like Keith Marshall, but he has good long speed and can be a minor home run threat under the right circumstances. His coach loves his work ethic and attitude; says he’s ready to do what he has to do to help the team—a very positive locker room presence. He’s a pretty good student, as far as I know; he should qualify with no problem. Very coachable. As far as what B-Mac thinks of him personally, I have no idea, but I am sure the staff thinks pretty highly of him to have extended an offer in the first place.

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