Georgia Recruiting: What Does Gene Chizik’s Firing Mean for Reuben Foster? [VIDEO]

Keep in mind this interview was conducted prior to the firing of Gene Chizik and, as of today, the future of Chizik’s former staff—including Brian Van Gorder, Willie Martinez, and Trooper Taylor—remains in limbo. Given the closeness of these two players and the situation surrounding Auburn’s football program, could Foster finally decide to pull the trigger?

So what’s holding Foster in place at Auburn? His connection to his recruiting classmates, apparently. He’s every bit as committed to them as he is to his own family.

It is no secret that Foster is close with some current commits from Georgia and Auburn.

He spent much of his time Saturday, as usual, with Newnan safety and UGA commit Tray Matthews, a close friend.

“I do think about playing with them (UGA commits) all the time,” Foster said, “but at the same time I think about my Auburn commits too. I do think about playing with Tray, and it makes it hard, but I do think about Dee Liner and Carl Lawson and those guys too. I just need to stay focused on Auburn, but at the same time I have Tray in my ear, and it is hard. That is like my brother.” (Rusty Mansell, “Reuben Foster: ‘I missed UGA’, Dawgs247, 11/25/12)

With that said, both Carl Lawson and Dee Liner are already rumored to be making a switch themselves. Liner reportedly is looking seriously at Alabama, while Liner was at Clemson over the weekend to see the Tigers play South Carolina. Both are top defensive prospects. If either one should decide to de-commit, that could further influence Foster’s decision to stay.

As of now, there are far too many moving parts to this story to be able to speak with any confidence about what any one will do, but it’s clear that decisions are being reconsidered by multiple parties and Georgia could become the beneficiary of one of them.

Keep an ear on this one, folks, it’s getting more interesting by the minute.

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