Georgia Recruiting: Toby Johnson? But, But…He’s Not Montravius Adams!

Toby Johnson—in a surprise—signed with the Georgia Bulldogs yesterday giving them their 33rd commit for 2013.

For one, let me be clear: I like that Georgia signed Toby Johnson. He was a guy the coaching staff liked from the start—with or without Montravius Adams–and he could prove to be a huge help to the team next season, provided he’s fully rehabbed by that time (he’s currently rehabbing a torn ACL, but is hopeful to be ready by this summer). And the fact that Georgia was able to sign him when no one was thinking they were even still interested makes it even better—nothing wrong with throwing a curveball or two sometimes.

However, this post isn’t about the surprise of getting Toby Johnson (you’ll find plenty of posts about that elsewhere), nuh-uh, this post is about the negative Nancy’s who find it necessary to whip the staff for “settling” on Johnson because they lost Montravius Adams.


Have I already mentioned that Georgia wanted Johnson from the start…with or without Montravius Adams?

And is it necessary for me to say again what a player like Johnson—if healthy—brings to a team like Georgia (who sorely needs  depth at the defensive tackle position after the departures of both Kwame Geathers and John Jenkins) if he is indeed as advertised?

No, I don’t need to mention any of that stuff because that would paint my readers as uninformed, and they are anything but that.

Folks, this is about looking at a staff that got reamed, railed, and roughed up on some key guys a couple weeks ago, and saying ‘nice recovery’. That’s it, that’s all. Because if you don’t think that Auburn didn’t want a guy like Johnson (even though they have Adams), then you’re nuttier than a slice of pecan pie at Sunday dinner.

No knock on Adams (he’s going to be a good one), but Johnson is every bit the prospect that better than 20+ schools were pining after. He’s got the goods and now Georgia’s got him, and that ain’t a bad thing.

I don’t care that he’s not ‘Montravius Adams’ (as far as I’m concerned, good luck to that kid as a football player, but he’s an Auburn Tiger now so…have a nice life), he doesn’t have to be if ‘Toby Johnson’ is as-advertised. And the Toby Johnson I’ve seen is a solid football player with a maturing skill-set and immediate impact potential; how and why would I complain about that as a Dawg fan?



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1 comment for “Georgia Recruiting: Toby Johnson? But, But…He’s Not Montravius Adams!

  1. jim
    02/20/2013 at 2:31 PM

    Nice article. Let’s celebrate the new dawgs and quit bemoaning the ones who decided to go elsewhere. This is an outstanding class even w/o Tunsil, Adams, and Kamara each of which we would love to have but none of which are needed to save our program.

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