Georgia Recruiting: Shyheim Carter, “I love Jeremy Pruitt…”

Shyheim Carter won’t be rushing to a decision, but it’s clear one school has made a deep impression.

Shyheim Carter is not ready to make a decision anytime soon but, when he does, he’ll be sure that whatever school he selects make sense for him.

He doesn’t currently have any plans to visit Georgia, Alabama, or Ole Miss, according to Dawgs247’s Kipp Adams, but he does admit to feeling a special kinship with Jeremy Pruitt.

“I really like Georgia,” Carter said. “My mom liked it there too. I love Jeremy Pruitt. He is one of the greatest men in the world.”(Kipp Adams, Dawgs247)

And while that admiration could play a role in whether or not Georgia makes the cut for him on National Signing Day (the day he plans to announce), Ole Miss obviously has made an impression that goes far beyond football, and that impression obviously matters a lot to Carter.

“Ole Miss, Georgia and Alabama have all done a good job making a good impression on my mom and grandma,” Carter said. “A lot of colleges have talked to me about my kids, especially Ole Miss. They are always talking about looking out for me and my kids, so shout out to them.”[emphasis added] (Kipp Adams, Dawgs247)

Take that last statement , or “shout-out”, for what it’s worth. In my mind, though, it’s worth placing in your back pocket for later because the message behind it is clear: Ole Miss has made a serious move and, despite what Carter will say publicly about it, the Rebels are clearly a team with the most momentum.


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