Georgia Recruiting: Should the Dawgs Give Up on Reuben Foster?

Reuben Foster is still wanted by Georgia, but his relationship with Trooper Taylor has kept him at Auburn.

Reuben Foster has long been labeled as a priority prospect for the Georgia Bulldogs, and everyone on the staff—from Richt on down the line—has made it clear that they want him in Athens next season. rHowever, recent statements by the five-star talent are making some question whether that’s a scenario that has any chance of happening.

“Right now, I am still committed to Auburn,” Foster said. “If Trooper Taylor stays at Auburn, I am all in. If he goes, I will see where he goes too. I just need to see where he ends up. If he goes to another school, I will go there. Hopefully that school will want me too because I would love to follow him.” 

Georgia recently had the No. 24 prospect in the country on campus, and although the 6-foot-2, 240-pound linebacker is strongly considering the Bulldogs, he admitted they could face an uphill battle in their pursuit of his commitment. 

“I would say Georgia’s chances of getting me are somewhat dependent on Trooper Taylor being there too,” Foster said. “He told me that he did not want to cause me to change where I want to be because of him, but I told him not to worry about that.” (Radi Nabulsi, “Foster plans to follow Trooper Taylor”, Dawgnation, 12/6/12)

Would Georgia go so far as to hire Trooper Taylor to land one of the nation’s most coveted linebacking prospects? Not likely, but Foster’s proclamation of support for Taylor could be something to keep an eye on if Taylor’s contract isn’t renewed by Auburn (and any who doubt Foster’s commitment to such a statement need only remember that he transferred from his high school for similar reasons—Foster is nothing if not loyal to those with whom he’s built the strongest bond) which, if the rumors floating around are true, is a possibility.

That said, you can bet Foster’s good friend, Tray Matthews (a Georgia commitment), won’t give up on him either.

Matthews and Foster’s closeness has been well publicized, and it’s no secret that the two were/are hoping to play together next season. Should Taylor lose his job at Auburn, you’d have to think the doors to UGA would become more attractive to Foster (loyalty or not, I expect to see Foster on the football field in 2013).

In any event, Foster’s is a story that seems to change and twist with every new update released, but it’s one that certainly isn’t over—at least not yet.

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