Georgia Recruiting: Shaq Wiggins, “I am still committed to Georgia…but”

Shaq Wiggins has been looking for a while now, will he stick with his commitment?

This week he’s in Florida for the Under Armour All American Game and he’s still talking about his recruitment, and where he’s leaning…for now.

“I am still committed to UGA, but there is a very good chance that if I don’t go to Georgia, that I go to South Carolina,” Wiggins said. “After that it is Ole Miss, then Florida, then Texas A&M.” 

The Gamecocks have emerged as a true threat to steal Wiggins, the No. 5 cornerback prospect in the country, from the Bulldogs. 

“South Carolina, with secondary coach [Grady] Brown, has a defensive back my size starting in Victor Hampton, and they need defensive backs just like Georgia does,” Wiggins said. “Both South Carolina and Georgia could be a good fit for me.”

…“It is really important for me to find a school that is willing to give me a real chance to play as a freshman,” Wiggins said. “I know I need to get bigger and get in the weight room, but I think with my skill set I could help next year.” (Kipp Adams, Dawgnation)

If you know anything about Georgia’s recruiting practices, then you know the coaching staff doesn’t promise playing time to anyone; they promise you a shot, but nothing more (the one caveat coming in cases of questionable depth at a particular slot). From Wiggins’ statements you’d have to presume that he’s not hearing what he wants to hear in terms of how quickly he’ll get on the field, and that may be the sticking point for the former Sandy Creek High School standout.

That said, Wiggins has stated all year that he’s not afraid to compete and will try his skill-set against the best in the nation because he believes he’s just that good; and, honestly, so do a heap of others. So, my only question is this: why keep rocking the recruiting boat?

In the end, I still truly feel he ends up at Georgia, but his looking isn’t setting well with many.


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