Georgia Recruiting: Shaq Wiggins Feels He Has to Be “Selfish”

Georgia commit Shaq Wiggins continues to look and the Georgia coaching staff isn’t happy about it. Photo: ESPN

The story on Shaq Wiggins lately is a familiar one: he’s looking and the coaching staff isn’t happy about it.

“They came to see me in the Georgia Dome and they saw me before and after the SEC championship game,” Wiggins said. “Some of the coaches told me happy birthday on Facebook. Other than that I haven’t spoken to Coach [Todd] Grantham or Coach [Scott] Lakatos in a while. I know they are probably mad a little bit or whatever but they haven’t had a sense of urgency. That is just the way I feel. Maybe I am taking them wrong. They are making the effort to try and keep me. But I am hearing from the other schools more.”

Wiggins was the strongest recruiter Georgia had for a while, prodding other top talents in the Class of 2013 to join him in Athens. He was essentially an extension of the Georgia coaching staff. Now the same recruits he helped convince to commit to the Bulldogs are trying to keep Wiggins in the fold.

“It is not easy to leave all those guys,” Wiggins said. “I didn’t physically make any of those guys commit but I did persuade them and I hung around with them. I mean every single commit I know as if I have known them forever. Some say, ‘Don’t go,’ or ‘You better not,’ but they all want what is best for me. It is kind of hard to just leave them like that but then again I have got to be selfish in a way.” (Radi Nabulsi, DawgNation)

Wiggins is getting a lot of attention from other schools right now, and that should be the case. Georgia has already garnered his commitment while others schools are vying to steal it away.

That said, Wiggins has been teetering for awhile and now that his season is over, and he has more time to consider his options, perhaps he’s not seeing as much opportunity at Georgia as he once did—especially when schools like South Carolina, Ole Miss, and Florida are screaming loudly about how much they need him on their rosters.

Honestly, at this point—and it’s difficult for me to say as I’ve been a Wiggins fan from day one—it wouldn’t surprise me to see him de-commit. There are simply too many elements that make the situation at Georgia seem less desirable for him than they would elsewhere.

Grantham and the rest of the coaching staff have already tried to assuage any concerns Wiggins has about playing time, the number of defensive backs coming in, and how he’ll fit into their plans. They’ve let him know, in a myriad of ways that he’s wanted and needed by them. Are they doing it with the enthusiasm and creativity some of the other schools courting him are, not likely, but I’m not sure it would matter now if they did.

Sometimes, once a mind is made up, it’s made up. Perhaps Wiggins’ mind is telling him it’s time to move on.

Hopefully, I’m wrong.


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1 comment for “Georgia Recruiting: Shaq Wiggins Feels He Has to Be “Selfish”

  1. Gadawg7781
    12/19/2012 at 10:34 AM

    Either you want to play and compete with the best or you don’t think you can. The offer has been made and the individual has to decide. Would like to see him a Dawg, but
    if he’s not up to the competition, it is what it is.

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