Georgia Recruiting: Reuben Foster is “like a book with blank pages…”

Christian Cumberlander is set to visit the Auburn Tigers on February 1; Cumberlander is a good friend of Reuben Foster. Photo: 247Sports

If you’re following the recruitment of Reuben Foster with a discerning yet still eager eye, then you might want to pocket the name ‘Christian Cumberlander‘ for future reference; while the name isn’t likely to ring too many bells right now (although he has visited UGA in the past, unofficially), it could pick up steam over the next week due to his relationship with Foster (according to an interview by Dawgnation’s Kipp Adams, Foster and Cumberlander lived together for three-years while the two were at Troup High School); and while Cumberlander appears to be headed to play football at San Diego State, he has an official visit to Auburn scheduled for February 1 and that visit could potentially net him an offer.

Now, it doesn’t take a lot of deductive reasoning prowess to figure out the deal here: Foster is looking around, he’s likely going to end up at Auburn in the end, but he appears to be an enigma at the moment and the coaching staff there would like to have another player for him to relate to, particularly in light of Dee Liner’s exit, and Cumberlander could fill that space.

Let’s face it, Georgia has Tray Matthews, Alabama has continuity(and potentially Dee Liner when it’s all said and done), and Auburn has his immediate family. While I feel the latter is enough of a trump card to keep Foster on The Plains, one could just as easily interpret Foster’s attitude towards all of his suitors right now as fluid–and if what Cumberlander says about him is true, that might not be the most inaccurate way to describe it.

“One day it is one school, the next day it is another with Reuben Foster,” Cumberlander said. “He is like a book with blank pages, you cannot read him. It is up in the air right now for him.” 

Cumberlander and Swain tried to give Foster some helpful advice after he returned from his third official visit, to the University of Georgia. 

“Sunday night me, my mom, Swain had a talk with him,” Cumberlander said. “Georgia would not be a bad situation for him because Athens is only about two-and-a-half hours away from him. That would not be a bad fit for him at all. We told him he had to do what was best for him and put himself in the best situation. He has his little girl to think about and his real family, but I could not name all of the people in his life he is trying to make happy and thinking about on a daily basis.” (Kipp Adams, Dawgnation)

I can say this, and only this, for certain: if not for his family situation, Foster would likely end up in Athens. But, given his desire to remain close and keep everyone around him happy, it’s tough to really say if what he wants matches up with what everybody else wants too—hence the flighty indecision on Foster’s part.

Cumberlander is likely going to net an offer on his visit (I’m willing to make that call now) and if he does, Auburn could have the final piece of the puzzle for Foster—assuming, of course, Cumberlander actually wants to be a Tiger in the first place; and that, my friends, is an assumption I’m not prepared to make.


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