Georgia Recruiting: Reuben Foster, “…Georgia is looking forward to getting me back…”

Reuben Foster says Washington is a possibility, but most believe it will be Auburn or Georgia in the end. Photo: ESPN

Reuben Foster took an official visit to the University of Washington over the weekend and, true to Foster’s personality, he didn’t have anything negative to say about his trip. He was impressed with the location, the staff, and the sales pitch given to him by the coaches; he truly felt like he was a player they “needed” as opposed to a prospect they “wanted”. And as far as Reuben is concerned, that’s a pretty big distinction.

“With most staffs, they always say they want me, but only two staffs have really let me know they need me,” [emphasis added] Foster said. “Auburn did that before, and Washington did that too, during my official. I talked one on one with Coach Lupoi about how I could grow up there and just the ups and downs of life. Coach Sark showed me how many linebackers they had and how they would use me. He really showed me that I was needed, not just wanted.” (Kipp Adams, Dawgnation)

If you’ve been following Foster’s recruitment with any degree of interest over the past 12-months, you’ve likely found a common thread running throughout every story written about him—he covets a closeness with the coaching staff and he wants to be close to his daughter. That said, I don’t know how real his flirtation with Washington will turn out to be.

That said, it’s curious to hear him make the above distinction (need versus want) and, quite frankly, it seems like something to remember down the line; regardless of the staff currently in place at Auburn, the Tiger still continue to make Foster their top priority. And while the same could likely be said of Georgia’s staff, you have to wonder how much effort the Bulldogs are actually putting into him knowing what a big piece to the puzzle his daughter will be in the end; after all, they’ve been burned enough times to know how putting too many eggs in one basket can scramble you in the end.

It’s been said for months that Foster is hard to gauge now that he’s a free agent but, for me, the writing is clearly on the wall (I think he’ll end up staying at Auburn), even if no one else sees it yet.

In the meantime, Foster is enjoying his time on the road and is looking forward to a few more visits before he makes up his mind.

“I am looking forward to getting to Alabama next weekend and seeing if it is home,” Foster said. “I want to see how I would be used in their defense and what they have planned for me if I come there. I spoke to Coach [Kirby] Smart [on] Friday before I left for my visit, and he told me he could not wait to get me back in Tuscaloosa. Then after that, Georgia is looking forward to getting me back to Athens so they can show me love and I can show them love back.”

No visits are planned for Foster after his trip to Georgia, but the former Auburn and Alabama commitment said that Auburn and LSU are under consideration. (Kipp Adams, Dawgnation)


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