Georgia Recruiting: Montravius Adams Signs With the Auburn Tigers

Montravius Adams is headed to the Plains to play for the Auburn Tigers.

The Georgia Bulldogs entered the day with slim hopes of getting the commitment of one of—if not all three—of the following players: Davin Bellamy, Montravius Adams, and George Adeosun. So far, they are 0-f0r-2; Adams signed with the Auburn Tigers (largely due to his relationship with Rodney Garner, I’m sure) and Adeosun signed with the Virginia Cavaliers.

Adams was a high need guy for the Bulldogs, who lost both Kwame Geathers and John Jenkins to the NFL Draft this year, but there was always speculation that he would be a better fit for a team using a 4-3 defensive scheme, rather than the 3-4 (the one used by the Bulldogs over the few years).

That said, it was still believed that Adams had the skills to play in any scheme he was placed into and could be a potential impact player no matter where he signed on for next season; Georgia made as strong a move for him as they could, but it’s clear  his relationship with his future line coach won out in the end.

Interesting note: Adams’ mother was said to be pro-UGA; she was said to be that even after the departure of Rodney Garner. However, during his interview, Adams stated that his family played a big role in his decision and made a point of mentioning that his signing with Auburn offered the best situation for all of them. Dooly County is as pro-UGA a county as you’ll ever find, so this one is a big one to miss out on at such a late stage in the game.

It’s been an interesting morning already, but with only Davin Bellamy left to announce, most Georgia fans will likely call this Signing Day a wrap after 11 a.m.

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