Georgia Recruiting: Michail Carter, “I’d be a great fit…at Georgia”

Michail Carter lists Georgia amongst the schools coming at him the hardest, and his early relationship with DL Coach Tracy Rocker could ultimately be the key. Photo: Scout

The Georgia Bulldogs have certainly made sure to touch base with all of the top prospects in the state of Georgia this recruiting season and, as far as the defensive line goes, they are certainly taking advantage of a plethora of talent that appears to be abundant for 2016—Julian Rochester, Derrick Brown, Antwuan Jackson, and Tyler Clark are just a few of the names that land atop the masses this season—and Michail Carter (Jackson, GA) is yet another prospect who is hearing plenty from the Bulldogs staff.

“They’ve told me if I come there, I have a great chance of competing early,” Carter said. “I’d be a great fit for the kind of defense they want to run at Georgia.”

…”This spring I’ve been to Georgia and Alabama,” Carter said. “I didn’t get a chance to go to their spring games, but I got to watch a practice at each one. I don’t have any scheduled upcoming, but I also made it out to Georgia Tech this spring. The main ones are Georgia, Alabama, and Clemson. They’re the three I’m hearing the most from.” (Jake Reuse,

At 6-3, 310, Carter is a big kid with plenty of room to redistribute his weight in a more purposeful way. He’s already a strong kid who can deliver a big pop to a would-be opponent, but with a good strength and conditioning program, he could develop into a very successful defensive tackle at the collegiate level.

As a run stopper, he comes out of his stance low, but uses his hands well to disengage from a block and deliver a solid hit on the ball carrier. As a pass rusher, he uses his athleticism to shed blocks, get around the opposing tackle, and disrupt the passers rhythm; he’s not any better at doing one thing, versus the other, he’s equally adept at both, and that’s an outstanding thing given his size.

Though he could stand to be a little looser in the hips—allowing him to get long and lean as he works his way into the backfield and takes advantage of his quickness in getting through the gaps—he still does a better than average job of not allowing himself to get knocked out of position on passing plays—en route to the quarterback—which makes him a threat on most every play.

His strong work ethic and great motor make him a candidate for contributing early, at the collegiate level.

There’s plenty of upside here, for the right program, and the Bulldogs will have a tough battle for him, that’s for sure, but the presence of Tracy Rocker could be the difference-maker, according to Carter.

“My interest level is very high in Georgia,” Carter said. “It is them and Alabama at the top. I like the coaching staff and everything else about them.”

The biggest impact on Carter thus far has been from his position coach, who earned Carter’s attention from his coaching experience.

“Coach Rocker being at Georgia plays a major factor in my interest because other people respect and value his coaching because of his resume,” Carter said. (Caitlyn Stroh,

Long way to go, but we’ll see how things shake out in the end.

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