Georgia Recruiting: Kyle Davis Plans to Announce Friday and It Could Go Either Way

Kyle Davis will announce what school he’ll be attending on Friday night, before his team’s homecoming game. Photo: 247Sports

If you have a Twitter account (I do, just in case you aren’t following me yet *hint, hint*), then you likely already know that Kyle Davis (Lawrenceville, Ga.) plans to announce before his team’s game Friday night. If you, don’t have a Twitter, but read often enough about recruiting, you still know this, but here is what Davis had to say on Wednesday afternoon.

Now, I could get out my tarot cards and read into everything he had to say in that “release”, but I’d be doing some serious speculating to say I have any better of an idea who he’ll choose than any of the better, more insider, recruiting analysts do. All I have is my gut feeling and, as far as this particular decision goes, even it’s clueless.

That said, if you’re a Georgia fan, you can consider the following:

  1. The game will be played in front of a pro-Bulldog crowd. A crowd that would likely go berserk if he chose the hometown team.
  2. UGA coaches (Bryan McClendon and Thomas Brown) will be allowed to attend the game. AU coaches will not. If they do, it’s an NCAA violation. However, they can come to the school that day.
  3. Current Georgia commit, Chad Clay, had the following to say about Davis on Sunday:

“I think Kyle is committing to Georgia,” Clay said. “I spoke to him this morning, and I feel confident that is where he is going. I feel pretty good about Georgia’s chances with Mecole (Hardman) as well. They are both great players and major pieces to the puzzle for us.” (Kipp Adams, Dawgs247)

4. October 23 would mark almost one year, to the day, that Davis received his offer from Georgia (October        24 is when they finally extended one to him).

5. His mother. He’s extremely close to her and accompanies her to most every doctor’s visit. She would            have a much easier time getting to his games, and he would be better able to attend to her (when                needed), if he stays close to home.

There are the reasons things could go Georgia’s way.

However, this is recruiting. Never get comfortable with a prospect’s decision in a situation like this one. Anything can happen, and often does. The fact that Davis is eschewing interviews could point to a desire to not talk about it, should he decide to not pick Georgia.

Even more, his father’s dislike of the program, despite what it’s done to truly embrace Davis over the last year, has to be taken into account here as well.

End of the day, he’s done exactly what he wanted to do in getting the recruiting world ready for his decision: make it interesting.

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