Georgia Recruiting: Keeping it Real and in Perspective

Kelsey Griffin wanted to be a Dawg, but ended up a Gamecock. With Adams reportedly leaning towards AU, will this one come back to haunt UGA? Photo: 247 Sports

Tomorrow it all ends; one way or another, we’ll find out who’s about wearing the ‘G’ and who isn’t.

You can sugarcoat it however you like, but as a fan of the Georgia Bulldogs, I can freely admit my lack of enthusiasm for what National Signing Day has in store for me come Wednesday—Reuben Foster (a long, long, long shot to begin with) is already Alabama’s, Alvin Kamara (a 50-50 proposition from the start) is likely Alabama bound as well, and Laremy Tunsil (this one still hurts a bit) is headed to Ole Miss barring an absolute miracle—as the only guys Georgia now has a chance with are George Adeosun, Davin Bellamy, and Montravius Adams.

Of the named three, the wild card figures to be Adams. Auburn has made a strong push over the last few weeks and Adams’ relationship with former Georgia defensive line coach Rodney Garner (now at Auburn) has played a huge part in their resurgence—even so, I still like the Dawgs here (don’t ask me why, it’s just a feeling).

That said, all of us who follow, blog about, or watch Bulldog Recruiting with any vested interest are likely spent by this point; no matter who does or doesn’t bounce the way of the Dawgs tomorrow, you get the sense that it’s time for a break from all the drama and prima donna behavior; you just want it to be over and done with so you can 1) begin focusing on the next recruiting cycle  and 2) concentrate on what is still a very large, high quality, class of athletes signing up for 2013.

13 early entrants and more than a few big-time prospects are set to make a name for themselves in Athens next season; guys like Tray Matthews, Brendan Langley, Jonathan Rumph, A.J. Turman, J.J. Green, Shaq Wiggins, Brice Ramsey, Brandon Kublanow, Josh Cardiello, Ryne Rankin, Rico Johnson, Reggie Carter, Shaq Fluker, Kennard Johnson, and John Atkins all have the potential to make an impact over the next couple of seasons—and that’s worth getting excited about if you’re a Dawg fan.

And, as far as the 2014 recruiting cycle is concerned, some of the best of the best are already being targeted and brought in early to see what the football program has to offer; Myles Autry (Norcross), Nick Chubb (Cedartown) Lorenzo Carter (Norcross) and Sony Michel (American Heritage) have been made priorities for next season and bear watching as the next 12-months unfolds.

You can only be pissed off for so long before perspective sets in and makes you realize that to put all your eggs into one basket—as Georgia did with Laremy Tunsil, Alvin Kamara, and Reuben Foster—is not always a risk worth taking.

I’m not saying don’t go after those kinds of  playerss, but maybe go after them with a more solid back-up plan in place for once you realize you’re out of it or don’t stand as favorable a chance as you thought; it was clear to most of us that all three were looking elsewhere, yet the staff kept following behind them in hopes of changing their minds; perhaps what they should have done was use some of that energy on guys who actually wanted to play for them as opposed to guys who were only considering them as an option.

Just an observation on my part, I’m well aware that there’s a lot more at play where the recruiting business is concerned.

Either way, this class is nothing to feel ashamed of, 30+ is a lot of talent to wade through and develop. Would it have been better if there were less misses? Yes, of course, but the hits were good ones so, let’s try and celebrate them instead. At least that’s my plan.



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