Georgia Recruiting: Isaac Nauta, “…the convenience is hard to beat”

Isaac Nauta has made multiple trips to UGA since committing to Florida State. Photo: Getty Images

Isaac Nauta continues to say things that let you know he’s keeping Georgia in his back pocket. I’ve already made my thoughts pretty clear on him—and those have not changed—but I really like reading his interviews because he’s obviously the type of guy who doesn’t mind sharing his opinion.

I particularly found a slight bit of humor in this one about Florida State’s:

“I’ve got this Bleacher Report app on my phone and anytime I see Florida State pop up, I take a deep breath and go ‘Okay, what is it this time?’ ” Nauta said. “I just hope guys can really realize that if you do something, especially like hitting a girl, you’re going to have consequences for you, and it’s not going end up good for you. I know they’ll figure it out real quick.” (Radi Nabulsi and Jake Reuse, UGASports)

That “what is it this time” response hit especially close to home, for me, as there have been moments when, as a Georgia fan, I had a similar fear whenever my mobile alerts (I have a plethora of such apps specifically tuned in to UGA) would go off—my instant thoughts: who’s transferring/got suspended/did something stupid now?

I know those feelings better than I need to, but I won’t digress further.

It’s obvious that Nauta is keeping the Bulldogs on his mind for a reason, but until he actually flips, my plan is to follow the visits—he has at least two more definite ones on his list, including this weekend’s Dawg Night Event—and the interviews. The latter because they’re just too insightful and revealing to be considered fluff.

End of the day, though, Nauta is still slated to be a Seminole and unless he starts to feel homesick about playing in the state, I don’t expect that to change much—then again, anything’s possible, right?

Another factor that could play into his decision? His parents, who still live in Dacula, Georgia.

“Really, they’ve just left it up to me and said, ‘If that’s what you want to do, that’s what you can do,’ ” Nauta said. “I think at the end of the day, they’ll be happy with any place I go…. I don’t think they’d ever tell me where they’d be happier with me going. They think that would alter my decision, and I’d have to factor that in, definitely. I know that because they’re right here (in Buford), the convenience (to Georgia) is hard to beat.” (Radi Nabulsi and Jake Reuse,


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