Georgia Recruiting: Isaac Nauta, “…I do not think anybody was really utilized well”

Isaac Nauta was in Athens to watch Georgia take on Alabama, and while he didn’t leave impressed with the offense, he knows there is room for him to come in and make a difference.

Georgia had a ton of prospects in town this past Saturday to watch them fall-a-damn-part play Alabama. While the game itself was hardly the kind Georgia wanted to put on display for some of the best prospects in the nation, one prospect walked away feeling good about his visit, even if he wasn’t as impressed with the offense—Isaac Nauta.

“Based off the circumstances, I do not think anybody was really utilized well across the board,” Nauta said. “Being a player, you know how tough it is to throw and catch in the rain. I took all that into consideration. I saw down with Coach Schotty (Brian Schottenheimer) in his office, and he was showing me film of what they want to do with their tight ends, and what they have done with them so far. There are definitely a ton of opportunities. The game did not completely show it, but all the film that I watched did.” (Kipp Adams, Dawgs247)

Thank goodness for game film! Otherwise Nauta might be scratching Georgia completely off his list because the offense definitely wasn’t on point in that game. In fact the only receiver who seemed to be targeted multiple times on Saturday was Malcolm Mitchell; and half the time he was targeted he ball was either getting picked off, dropped, or over-damn-thrown!


Wait, am I digressing? Sorry about that, just working through a series of ugly flashbacks.

Back to Nauta. Georgia certainly showcased a need for more playmakers.

Brian Schottenheimer is hardly against using the guys playing the tight end position. When the offense has played balanced this season, both Jeb Blazevich and Jackson Harris have seen their share of opportunities—hence the presence of film for Nauta in the first place.

Nauta is a prospect Georgia has put in plenty of time trying to impress, but there is still a long way to go here, and four other officials for him to take.

I honestly feel it will come down to Nauta’s relationship with the incoming Jacob Eason, and the knowledge that there is space on this roster for him to come in and make an early impact. If he was able to walk away with at least that much certainty in his mind, then Georgia still has just as good a chance as any of the other programs on his mind.


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