Georgia Recruiting: Is Landon Dickerson Still Considering the Bulldogs?

Landon Dickerson is still unsure if he’ll take an official visit to Georgia. Photo: PBS

Offensive tackle is a spot of—I hate to use the word “concern”, but it sure seems like it—interest this recruiting cycle. Georgia has a lot of lines in the water, but it’s unclear if the bait they’re using is finding much play with the fish they’ve targeted.

One of those fish is Landon Dickerson (Hudson, NC). A player the Bulldogs seemed to take an extra round of interest in after the de-commitment of E.J. Price. So far, he hasn’t seemed to show much interest, despite having taken two unofficial visits to the campus in the last couple of months. And with the Dawgs looking to lock down who is planning to show up for a game this season and who’s not, it still feels like Dickerson is carrying around a blase blah attitude about Georgia.

At least it seems that way to me.

“It is nice to know they are still on me after that offer,” Dickerson said. “Sale was just wondering when they could schedule an official visit for me. I said I am not too sure yet if I will take an official visit there or not. He just gave me a couple dates and said we would love to have you down.” (Kipp Adams, Dawgs247)

Now, I won’t say there’s not a chance, but it seems to me that the chances of Dickerson ending up at Georgia land somewhere between, unlikely and probably not.

Is there some interest on his part? Sure, but it’s a passing interest at best and it still seems like he’s feeling more confident about other schools on his list.


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