Georgia Recruiting: Is Clemson Really in Position to Steal Tramel Terry?

Is Tramel Terry looking to leave his Georgia commitment behind? Photo: ESPN

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water…

Yesterday, 2014 prospect Demarre Kitt made the decision to reopen his commitment and while there is still plenty of time to get him back into the Georgia fold, there is more concern rising around 2013 receiver Tramel Terry whose coach is speaking out and saying Clemson may be in this thing—right now.

“It wouldn’t surprise me,” said Chuck Reedy, Terry’s head coach at Goose Creek. “Either way, because he’s always been Georgia from the time he was a freshman because he has family over there, he’s always spent time over there and with A.J. Green having so much success there while being from this area — there’s a lot of things that go into that. 

“But Clemson probably has done a better job recruiting him I think. They have developed a good relationship with him. And like I told the Georgia coach yesterday, they’ve kind of — I’m talking about Georgia — they’ve had two or three guys recruiting him I don’t know that they’ve established that same kind of relationship with him that Clemson has.”  (Radi Nabulsi, “Coach: UGA commit Terry could change”, DawgNation, 10/11/12)

While the head coach isn’t ready to outright say that Terry is going to de-commit from the Bulldogs, he does feel like if there were a team that could make that happen, it’s Clemson.

My take on the story is simple: I believe Terry to be a man of his word. After all, it was only a couple weeks ago that he firmly  his desire to play at Georgia. If the Clemson pitch is as strong as his coach says, then why bother making such statements?

Terry, like Shaq Wiggins, like Brice Ramsey, like Tray Matthews, etc., is a good kid with a strong work ethic and, when he backed off his initial commitment to Georgia, it was due to his having felt that he didn’t give the recruitment process enough of a chance.

That said, after he allowed the necessary time to look around, he still felt the most comfortable in Athens and he’s made that clear on numerous occasions.

Bottom line, at least for me, until Tramel Terry is saying he isn’t coming to Athens, don’t worry about what anyone else says—no matter who it is.

But, for my money, I say Terry is a Bulldog come December.

No reason to believe otherwise.

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