Georgia Recruiting: George Adeosun Picks the Virginia Cavaliers Over the Bulldogs

George Adeosun considered Georgia, but Virginia won out in the end. Photo: DawgPost

George Adeosun’s name began to gain some traction about a week ago; coaches saw his film at a coaching convention held in the post-season and his Division-I prospects lit up like a Christmas Tree—he received as many as six offers in 48-hours.

Among his many suitors were the Georgia Bulldogs, who made a real push for him over the past week, but there were no guarantees he would sign with them in the end—despite familial ties to the university (his father attended the University of Georgia)—as the late nature of the offer left little time for an official visit to the Athens, GA campus.

That said, Adeosun made the decision this morning to sign with the University of VIrginia and, based on some of the statements I’ve seen him make in interviews, I can’t say I’m surprised; Adeosun might be a football player, but he is clearly more interested in using his talents more as a tool to get him into a premiere academic university than into the NFL; he at one point was considering attending Stanford University but, according to reports, their application deadline made that an impossibility for him.

The University of Virginia, while an ACC school not known lately for the success of their football progam, is well-respected as an academic institution across the nation; it’s ranked in the Top 30 for all colleges and universities according to U.S. News and was no doubt the best of both worlds for Adeosun (who was at one point committed to William & Mary, also in Virginia) who hopes to achieve a degree in broadcasting.

It’s a miss for the Bulldogs, but it was never a sure thing to start with so you can’t really get too down on the staff for this one.

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