Georgia Recruiting: E.J. Price, “…I know where I stand with Georgia”

E.J. Price was tired of hearing the “whispers”, so he made everything crystal clear. Photo: 247Sports

If you talk enough, people will eventually have to listen. And where recruiting is concerned, that often goes ten-fold.

For weeks, people have speculated on what is going on with E.J. Price (including me). The 4-star de-committed from the Dawgs and is now, seemingly, enjoying the process of recruiting, and remaining open to a number of schools.

However, as Price continued to reacquaint himself with being a prospect with options, the message boards began hearing rumors of why he de-committed. The rumors were never privilege to any details, but “sources” and “insiders” alike were beginning to make it clear the the Bulldogs were moving forward and Price was no longer a top option.

Those rumors, along with the actions of both parties—Price appeared to be building a stronger rapport with other SEC schools as Georgia began re-visiting the possibility of other prospects—only fueled the speculation.

Price, for his part, continued to say that all was well, despite what he was publicly doing. That said, when word finally got back to him, with some “details” about what happened, Price took to Twitter to make it clear, yet again, that nothing happened between himself and Georgia. Ever.

Somebody said something about, ‘Oh, you didn’t really de-commit from Georgia. I heard they pulled your offer because of some kind of off-the-field issues.’ It really sent me the wrong way.”

…I know where I stand at the end of the day. Today on Twitter, that was really about me addressing the people who say ‘His offer isn’t committable.’ I got off the phone with Coach Sale, and he told me he read some total bullcrap on the internet about Georgia has moved on from E.J. Price. He said, ‘I just want to make sure we’re good, E.J.. That’s far from true. You know Georgia wants you.’ I said, ‘Coach, we’re good, but the media is going to do whatever they want to do and twist it how they want to twist it.’ I know where I stand with Georgia, so that was my point in my little Twitter rant.” – (Radi Nabulsi and Jake Reuse, UGASports)

I don’t know precisely what the deal is with his situation. As I said, nothing has ever been publicly stated and most of what is known has come from dark corners and message boards. Even so, the very fact that Georgia is being linked more often to other prospects and Price isn’t being brought up nearly as much as he used to, has to make you wonder a bit.

Do I think something unseemly happened? No, but I do feel that Price’s de-commitment will stand. I don’t see him at Georgia, right now. Could I be wrong? Of course. When it comes to recruiting, all bets are off. However, given the animosity Price showed, in his “rant”, towards the naysayers, you would have to consider the possibility that his decision not to sign with the Dawgs, at this point, has as much to do with the public lashing he’s taken, than with any perceived wrong that may or may not have happened between himself and Georgia.

It’s an odd situation, to be sure, but something tells me there will be more heard and said about it before it’s all over and done.

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