Georgia Recruiting: Devwah Whaley, “I’m not going to go away from Georgia…”

Devwah Whaley says the commitment from Elijah Holyfield won’t effect his decision in the least.

Devwah Whaley is still on the Georgia Bulldogs’ radar, despite a recent commitment from Elijah Holyfield, and that was always going to be the case.

Whaley has maintained that a commitment from Holyfield won’t effect his decision to sign, or not sign, with Georgia. If anything, he understands that having Holyfield in the fold only increases his value.

“It doesn’t really have a big effect on it,” Whaley said. “I’m not going to go away from Georgia because of that. It’s his decision, and I’m not going to base my decision because of that. It doesn’t sway my decision much.”

In fact, the four-star ball carrier believes pairing his talents with Holyfield could provide a big offensive boost for Georgia in coming years.

“Playing in the SEC, you have to have at least two or three backs who are going to carry your load,” Whaley said. “One back can’t carry the load by himself or get all the carries. (Jake Reuse,

Here’s the thing: Keith Marshall will exit after this year, Nick Chubb and Sony Michel have one season before their eligible for the NFL Draft. Popular opinion says they’ll both make the leap after their junior seasons—even the coaching staff has hinted at that possibility during their recruitment of other targets—so the cupboards aren’t nearly as full as they seem.

That said, while Holyfield was certainly the running back they wanted to grab, they wouldn’t mind signing another. The only question is whether the opportunity to be a feature back elsewhere—Oklahoma and Texas are also in Whaley’s ear—will trump the possibility of being a part of a 1-2 punch at Georgia.

Whaley will answer that question on January 2.

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