Georgia Recruiting: Devwah Whaley, “I’m getting closer and closer”

Devwah Whaley (No. 12 pictured) has Georgia in his Top 3. Photo: Drew Loker

Devwah Whaley’s (Beaumont, Texas) decision may not be on the horizon—he’s waiting until at least January before he announces anything publicly—but there can be little question about Georgia’s need for another high caliber back in the 2016 class.

At one point—particular after Elijah Holyfield pledged his commitment to the Bulldogs—it seemed Whaley may consider going elsewhere. On the record, however, Whaley said he didn’t mind coming in with another highly-touted. Even so, it was still widely believed that slimmer depth charts elsewhere might begin to look a bit more attractive than the stacked one at Georgia.

How quickly things change, right?

Whaley took his official visit to Georgia, for the South Carolina game, and really enjoyed watching how well the Bulldogs distributed the ball between Nick Chubb and Sony Michel. He got a good feel for the amount of touches he would potentially be in line for should he decide to sign on and it only strengthened his strong opinion of the Bulldogs.

As is stands now, Georgia is in good position, but there are still visits left to take, and a couple of other schools are pulling at him every bit as aggressively as the Bulldogs.

“I mean I’m getting closer and closer,” Whaley said. “I just want to take my time and just enjoy the process and take it day-by-day. ”

Right now he has three college programs at the top of his list, all of them from the SEC.

“I would have to say Georgia, A&M, and Arkansas,” Whaley said. “I mean all three of those programs I feel like they fit me and that’s just where I’d be comfortable at.” (Jason Howell, Rivals)


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4 comments for “Georgia Recruiting: Devwah Whaley, “I’m getting closer and closer”

  1. 10/21/2015 at 12:42 PM

    I highly suspect Turman is struggling to grasp the concepts of the playbook. I don’t think they can depend on him. But you are correct. Staying Healthy at this point is at the top of the list I suppose.

    • 10/21/2015 at 1:06 PM

      That may be, but he’d have a better shot at learning the playbook, if he didn’t spend half his time nursing an injury. SMDH.

  2. 10/21/2015 at 9:47 AM

    If we pick up this kid, he will be our Gurley/Chub. Holyfield will be our Marshall/Michel

    • 10/21/2015 at 11:02 AM

      I’ll be happy if he simply stays healthy, produces well, and doesn’t leave me scratching my head about where he is two years after he signs (i.e. Turman).

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