Georgia Recruiting: 2018 RB Zamir White, “…I would say Georgia is on top for him”

Zamir White has shut the media out, for the moment, but his coach had a few things to say about how well Georgia has recruited him.

2018 is still too far away to speculate on where any top prospect will decide to spend the next 3-4 years of his collegiate career. However, with both Sony Michel and Nick Chubb entering their final seasons at Georgia, the running back position will be looking to add more depth.

Dell McGee is putting in work on one of the nation’s best–5-star Zamir White (Laurinburg, NC)–and his efforts have allowed the Dawgs to seriously re-enter the conversation.

“Every time coach McGee was allowed to be here in the fall, he was here,” said Bailey. “He has done an excellent job recruiting Zamir and really showing Zamir and his mother about the family atmosphere at Georgia.

“Coach McGee has a real presence here and he has done an excellent job. A lot of other schools and coaches are doing great too, but specifically talking about Georgia, they were not where they are now months ago, but due to McGee, they are a lot higher now.” (Chad Simmons,

At the moment, White has done nothing more than name a Top 4–not necessarily in order–of Georgia, Alabama, Clemson, and North Carolina.

Clemson seems to have the most traction at the moment. They’re close to home, recently won a National Championship, and are poised to sign a strong class in 2018–headlined by 5-star quarterback Trevor Lawrence; a fair number of recruiting analysts still predict he will end up a Tiger.

His coach maintains no one is sure what White wants to do, but he feels no one should count out any of the four White mentioned, nor should they underestimate Ohio State.

End of the day, all Georgia can do is continue to recruit him as well as they have thus far, and hope they come out on top, but it’s clear they’ve done a really good job making him think twice about where he wants to play ball at the next level.

“Right now, Zamir is not talking and he does not want to do any media at this time, but if I had to say a school, I would say Georgia is on top for him,” said Scotland County head coach Richard Bailey. (Chad Simmons,


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4 comments for “Georgia Recruiting: 2018 RB Zamir White, “…I would say Georgia is on top for him”

  1. 02/24/2017 at 10:27 AM

    Coach McGee has opened up a lot of “avenues” for UGA Football. Bright future for Dell and same for Zamir.

    • 02/24/2017 at 11:29 AM

      Yep! Better get the most out of Dell while we can. He’s destined to be a HC somewhere soon.

  2. 02/24/2017 at 10:21 AM

    UGA is a perfect fit for White, I really want to see him in red & black.

    • 02/24/2017 at 11:28 AM

      You and me both! Happy to see UGA back in it for him!

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