Georgia Recruiting: 2016 WR Mecole Hardman Will Keep His Commitment Hush-Hush

Mecole Hardman (pictured left) says Georgia and Tennessee are both at the top of his list. Photo:

Mecole Hardman (Elberton, GA) has plenty of options to choose from prior to National Signing Day, but he’s been consistently involved with two collegiate programs—Tennessee and Georgia—and, to this point, he’s not willing to say which one will land him, but he’s planning to watch both very closely this season to see where they finish because he definitely wants to play for a contender.

“You don’t want to see a team go 2-8, 2-10 and say they’re coming up. But, well, you only won two games. I’m looking for that. If Tennessee has a great season, they’ll definitely be up there again with Georgia, and I’m thinking Georgia will probably have a good year this year. I’m just playing it out and see how they do in the season.” (Kipp Adams, Dawgs247)

So far, Georgia looks to have a strong squad—particularly on defense—but the offense will experience a few growing pains as it breaks in a new offensive coordinator, center, and quarterback. That said, they still have enough pieces to contend in an SEC East that looks to be in rebuild mode after an exodus of talent and coaching.

The odds on favorite to sign Hardman, in the end, shows the Bulldogs. However, it’s a long way to February and Hardman has a couple of very important people in his ear—people who will play an especially strong role in his decision.

“I talk to both of my parents about my recruitment, but mostly my daddy because he is on me hard about picking the right school. My dad is more of a hometown-affiliated person, but my momma wants me to leave, so they have a fuss about it. She likes Georgia and thinks it is a good program, but she is more of an adventurer so she likes to go and see new places. My momma wears the pants in the house – she controls everything.”

Hardman admitted one school has the edge.

“I’m leaning more toward one school,” Hardman said. “I’m not going to say nothing. But, yeah, I’m leaning more toward one school. I think I’m feeling more comfortable with that school. I think visiting there and everything, and seeing everything they have to offer, I think there’s one school that’s standing out right now.(Kipp Adams, Dawgs247)

In my house, mama always wore the “pants”, but Mark Richt has proven to have a good track record with convincing mamas to hand over their sons to him, and his program, so maybe he can sway Mama Hardman’s adventurous ways.

Either way, it’s going to be a long wait because Hardman doesn’t plan to let on anytime soon—as for me, though, I think Georgia gets him in the end.

Just my two.

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