Georgia Recruiting: 2016 WR Kyle Davis is Keeping it Undercover

Kyle Davis is having fun with the recruiting process, but he’s still committed to the Gamecocks. Photo: 247Sports

Take a look at the following interview, conducted by by UGA Sport’s Jake Reuse, with 2016 wide receiver Kyle Davis (Lawrenceville, GA), then read a few of my thoughts after the jump:

(h/t Jake Reuse)

So, it’s pretty obvious that Davis was doing his level best to hide the “Georgia Bulldogs” logo across his chest, but by midway through the interview, he’d loosened up a bit, and the unmistakable “G” was there for all to see.

Does the fact that Davis is wearing a Bulldogs shirt, as opposed to a South Carolina Gamecock’s one, mean anything? Not really, but it’s certainly something that sets tongues a-wagging whenever it happens because a) Davis has been committed to the Gamecocks since July 2014, and committed guys don’t typically wear the gear of their future alma mater’s rival school, and b) it’s pretty clear that Davis is interested in the Bulldogs—even though he plays it very coy in the interview—because he’s been in a lot of conversations with other Bulldog commits and targets, most notably 2016 QB Commit, Jacob Eason.

In truth, you can’t predict where a kid is going to land. These days, recruiting is all about whose trending—one minute a guy loves a program and the next he couldn’t care less.

Davis is obviously a very coveted prospect and the Bulldogs need to restock their receiving depth in a hurry—despite what some think, Georgia isn’t nearly as stocked as they seem—and if Terry Godwin opts for baseball, rather than football, things will get dicey in a hurry for the Georgia offense.

In the meantime, what I can tell from Davis’s body language is this: Georgia is in it, with a better than average shot, and that’s odds most will be willing to take, at this point.

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