Georgia Recruiting 2016: Will Sale Make the Dawgs an Easy Sell For Willie Allen?

Willie Allen plans to wait until National Signing Day to make a decision.

Willie Allen (Louisiana) decided to shut down the recruiting process until after his senior season. The decision to do that, according to his head coach, was a desire to focus on helping his team win a state championship.

“He has stated and has made a commitment to his team, as he got up in front of the whole team and told them, that he is taking a break to focus on the season. To this point, recruiting is on the back burner for him.” (Trent Smallwood,

At that particular time, Allen apparently had no leaders. That has not changed. He still admits to having no school at the top, and will wait until National Signing Day to make a decision. However, his assistant coach and guardian, Jerry Godfrey, states that a friendly connection with current Georgia offensive line coach Rob Sale certainly won’t hurt the Bulldogs’ chances.

“Georgia got in on him last year because Rob Sale and I are friends,” (Jerry) Godfrey said. “He played at LSU 10 years back, and we worked together at Alabama a few years back. He and I became pretty good friends and stayed in touch when he went to McNeese State. There he recruited my brother, so when he got the job at Georgia, he called me up on his first day on the job and asked what I thought. I told Rob it was like with everyone else, it is open.” (Kipp Adams, Dawgs247)

While Godfrey goes on to say that his personal connection to Sale won’t influence Allen’s decision, it is worth noting that Allen is very close to Godfrey and wants to go to a school where he not only feels that same level of comfort, but that also has a strong aura of family and faith.

An atmosphere that is certainly fostered by Mark Richt at Georgia.

It’s a long time between now and Signing Day, of course, but Sale has done a great job of getting Georgia into the conversation for Allen.

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