Georgia Recruiting: 2016 RB Devwah Whaley, “I get a good vibe off Richt”

4-star running back Devwah Whaley says Georgia is wants him to be the next great running back in Athens. Photo: Mike Tobias/The Enterprise

If you don’t think Mark Richt is looking ahead to the year when he won’t have Nick Chubb to tote the rock, allow me to enlighten you: He is.

2016 Texas 4* Running Back, Dewah Whaley (Beaumont, TX) says the Bulldogs are in his ear, with a mind towards their future and part of their pitch is all about the expectation of both Sony Michel and Nick Chubb both exiting stage left after their junior seasons.

“I get a good vibe off of [Richt],” Whaley said. “He’s told me I could be the next great back to come out of Georgia. I can believe that because Georgia has produced great backs through the recent years. Anything he says, it’s the truth.”

…Coaches haven’t held back their expectations for the Lone Star blue chip prospect, as they hope he can fill a large void that may be present soon after his arrival.

“They think I can play a big role with (Nick) Chubb leaving after next year,” Whaley said. “He’s probably only staying one more year past this one. (Sony) Michel is probably only going to stay one more year, too. I have a good chance coming in. I think I could come in there and play. That’ll just depend on how hard I work and things like that.” (Jake Reuse,

If you’re a Georgia fan, with a good head on your shoulders, then the fact that Chubb and Michel could leave after the 2016 season isn’t news, but it is intriguing to take a look at the types of players the Georgia Bulldogs are targeting to take over the reins once the guard changes.

At 6-0, 195, Whaley isn’t exactly a huge back, but he’s definitely got room to grow. That said, he’s got great vision and an keen eye for finding the holes—even the ones that are quickly closing—and bursting through them to reach the second level. There is no wasted movement when he plays; he makes that first cut and explodes up the field with purpose, using his blocks to set up huge runs and gain good yardage on every play.

He’s not a bruiser, but he’s capable of being a physical runner. If anything, a bit more dedication to a strength and conditioning program will work wonders in that department—he might not develop into a power back, but he would certainly learn how to make better use of his body on the tougher runs.

Bottom-line, he’s a great athlete with a lot of raw potential to play running back at the next level, but it would not surprise me if he developed into a wide receiver either.

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