Georgia Recruiting: 2016 P Anthony Lotti Won’t Be Fooled Again

Anthony Lotti understands it’s a business, so he’ll treat his collegiate decision as such. Photo: scout

Last week I published a brief article on Blake Gillikin—the in-state kicker that eventually committed to the Penn State Nittany Lions. At the time, the Georgia Bulldogs seemed to be trending with him, and there were more than a few folks believing that he might actually accept their offer and verbal to them, but he decided to stick with Penn State, and the Bulldogs are yet again on the move for another punter.

They are almost certain to take one this year because, honestly, if they don’t, they won’t have a reliable option come 2016.; Rodrigo Blankenship signed with them in 2015, but with Marshall Morgan leaving after this season, they need more than one guy—and, despite Blankenship’s big leg, he’s not a given to be successful. There are already questions floating around about his consistency.

Enter, or should I say re-enter, Anthony Lotti (Oakwood, GA)?

Lotti was actually interested in Georgia, and he thought they were interested in him, but their flirtation with Gillikin proved to be a humbling experience and, at this point, Lotti isn’t playing favorites with any program—Georgia, in particular.

Communication with Lotti died down following the camp as the Bulldogs decided to go in another direction with an offer.

“They just said thanks for coming and sent me on my way,” Lotti said. “A couple days later, I sent Coach [John] Lilly a message thanking him for having me out there and he told me to call him so I gave him a call and that’s when he told me they had already offered Blake and they were going to wait and see how that played out. He told me I was inconsistent. I thought I was the most consistent one at the camp. He said if I didn’t end up playing for them, he knows I’ll end up playing against them. He said he didn’t want to burn any bridges with me.” (Radi Nabulsi and Dan McDonald, UGASports)

Gillikin ended up going in another direction and Lotti is still minus a Georgia offer.

It happens.

That’s recruiting.

Even so, with Georgia desperately needing to sign another leg, and kicking talent being at a real premium, you’d hate to think the Bulldogs are going into the most important aspect of special teams with little to no options—and leaving a bad taste in the mouths of those whom they may need to revisit later; something they have certainly done in Lotti’s case.

“It would mean a lot because of course it is the in-state school, but I’m not going to jump the gun any time soon on that one,” Lotti said. “I’m definitely going to weigh my options and I’m definitely going to think about it because there are a lot of schools that have shown me love from the start and that means a lot to me.” (Radi Nabulsi and Dan McDonald, UGASports)

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