Georgia Recruiting: 2016 Nigel Warrior, “…Georgia stands in the running”

Nigel Warrior has a different opinion of Georgia after a return visit to Athens. Photo: Scout

It would be easy to dismiss the recruitment of Nigel Warrior at this stage; after all, he’s made it pretty clear that he’s wide open and Georgia is one of a few schools he’s considering. However, after a return visit to the campus, it’s also obvious that his decision to stay away for such a long time had more to do with what people have said than what he actually has been able to glean for himself.

“Those guys were all telling me that Georgia is an awesome place,” Warrior said. “People will say it’s a bad place because of this and that, like people getting in trouble and having to sit out a game, but those guys say it’s just because it’s who you want to be. If you want to act a fool, there will be consequences. If you normally handle your business, they’re going to make you continue to grow into that person. They were saying it’s a great school. (Jake Reuse,

The thing that always makes me scratch my head about the perception of Georgia as a “trouble school where trouble makers dwell” is how ridiculous it sounds. On the one hand, people point at Mark Richt and say he’s too soft to win ball games, his team lacks a killer instinct, etc., while on the other they say the program he’s running is a dirty one, filled with players that lack discipline and focus.

Now, in my mind, if Richt is soft, he would keep the Jonathan Taylor’s and Zach Mettenberger’s of the world; championships over character—isn’t that what all the other schools in his conference are doing? Yet, instead, Georgia is looked at in a negative light, even on a national level, for publicly doing what other schools either fail or refuse to do—discipline their own players and prove there are negative consequences for negative actions.

Whatever. I didn’t mean to step onto that particular soap box this morning. Forgive me.

My point is it’s pretty obvious that new information from Georgia’s current crop has at least made Warrior more aware of the facts and less enamored of the fiction. Will any of that translate into a commitment down the line? I wouldn’t hold my breath, but it at least brings Georgia out of the shadows—for now.

“It does (help them out),” Warrior said. “I don’t have anybody who’s standing out, like a who’s who of who’s there and not, but I’d say Georgia stands in the running of getting me. I like how everything is set up with them.” (Jake Reuse,

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